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Gigabit Wireless Connectivity

The NEW G3 series Wireless HDMI 60 GHz extender system sends high definition audio and video to any HDTV display up to 30 meters. It has a transmitter (1 TX source end) and receiver (1 RX Panel or screen) and both ends are USB powered. It extends HDMI content from computers, Blu-ray and set-top boxes, and to a HDCP-compliant display. This wireless product is comprised of small table-top Sender and Receiver units. It supports resolutions up to UHD 3840 x 2160P at 30 Hz, 3DTV, and 7.1-channels of High Bit Rate (HBR) lossless digital audio. The Wireless for HDMI 60 GHz is specifically designed to transmit within a room. Its signal will not penetrate through walls, facilitating interference-free operation of multiple units in adjacent venues and proximity. Line-of-sight placement of TX to RX will provide the best performance outcome. Its small form-factor, high performance, and near-zero latency, this product is ideal for high-definition A/V extension within a conference room or home theatre type installation, it also eliminates the need for expensive long length HDMI cables.

Both the 2019 G3 series pass CEC and AVC commands.

The 60 GHz band is an unlicensed band and can be used for a variety of wireless applications. Wireless HD has been existing with the specification finalized in 2008. The standard was created by the Wireless HD Consortium and designed from scratch to be used as a video transport method only. Being developed solely for video transmission gives it great advantages rather than using long expensive cables, also for relocation. New Chipsets of recent have allowed this protocol to move forward and provide a viable alternative rather than cabling.


Meeting Room engagement, rather than huddling around a laptop , stream content to a larger panel . Long Cables, reduce cable clutter, make the space be inviting also comply to Heath and safety regulations in a workspace.

Roll in, Roll out spaces for quick set up, so long as you have HDMI both ends and USB = G3

Complete an AV Channel with G3, more than often a requested position of a panel in a system environment may have power but become either a no go or relocation of panel.

Some Tips on a good installation

Place the receiver in a position that’s looking at the transmitter, once the USB and HDMI are connected the blue light will blink on the unit, after 5-10 seconds it will connect, and a solid blue light will be on each unit

Note – If your using in a presentation environment ensure the USB is powered before presentation, this will avoid waiting the few seconds for the units to sync.

The G3 is suitable for one source to one Panel.

It is not working?

On the back of both the transmitter and receiver is a reset button, a short press 4s will search match device.

Long press 10 S is device restoration, you should do this at the Transmitter end first then the receiver end.

In both cases with the reset button you need to wait the 10s until the blue light stops then it will start blinking then a solid connection will be achieved.

No audio- try another HDMI input, (All HDMI ports are different, depending on vendor and specifications) also ensure the Audio is on both the source and the panel.

EDID on new HDCP 2.3 Panels -The G 3 should be compatible with all major vendors of panels, if you cannot achieve a 100% connectivity please reach out and we will make sure you have a working system.


G3 Wireless HD receivers always create WVAN “Wireless video networks” This is a design implementation choice, as it is conceivable that transmitters start their own networks or that receiver aggregate in one network, we do not recommend having placement of multiple transmitters and receivers in one location.


The G 3 series operates in the range of 59.40 Ghz to 63.56 Ghz this is within the GURL band SRD 57 to 66 ghz . The units are compliant listed to AU and R NZ requirements and standards.

G3 Performance Warranty

24 months after date of purchase