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What We Do

We Supply and Support our Brand AVIT GearTM.

We are a leading vendor of “mmWave” HDMI extender market & Developing new digital technology, products & accessories for distributing High Definition audio-video content from any HDMI Output source to any type of display with HDMI Input.Our products are manufactured in a controlled environment and distributed in Australia and New Zealand and upcoming the USA.

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We are a privately-owned Distribution Company operating in APAC region.

We work closely with the source of to date Silicone and coordinate with OEM based company’s worldwide to secure and deliver only quality products & accessories. Our products enable AV & IT integrators to tailor end-user solutions to meet demanding specifications and requirements. We provide a cost-effective roadmap for customers looking to migrate to Wireless rather than using long HDMI cables in spaces. Truly unique among AV equipment manufacturers, AVIT Gear was founded on a principle of using only open-standard secure and solid performance digital technologies for AV distribution, this offers advantages to both integrators and end-users regarding cost, quality, longevity, reliability, scalability, and facilitating interoperability.

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From the Founder and owner of AVIT Gear Bruce Mackay, we will see growth in the use of Wireless HD as Audio Visual Integration & IT Companies understand its strengths for specific Installations were either a cable is to hard to be installed or looking at cost-effective solutions to the end user and not compromising signal Integrity coupled with ease of Installation.

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